Programme of Work

In the 2017-2019 period, the focus of the UfM Gas Platform has been rather on macro level – covering main subjects such as supply-demand, regulation, infrastructure, LNG, gas hubs.

For the next program covering the period 2020-2022, a more focused approach with the overarching goal of a better integration of energy systems in the Mediterranean region while fostering energy transition is envisaged. This would necessitate focusing on the emerging trends, technologies and applications that will not only have significant impact on the Mediterranean gas future but will also shape the future policy orientation. With this in mind, the new themes included in the future work program of the Gas Platform include the issues that were not directly or specifically covered in the previous work program.

– Small scale LNG applications in the Mediterranean region
– Role of gas for the transportation sector in the Med. area
– The role of power to gas and renewable gases technologies in the Mediterranean energy transition
– Technological improvements and environmental mitigation options
– South Mediterranean gas
– Prices, costs and subsidies for natural gas in the Med. region
– Mediterranean Energy Scenarios

As was the case in previous years, working groups with relevant stakeholders will be established. Dedicated technical meetings, workshops and training sessions related to the studies will be organized by the OME, as UfM Gas Platform Secretariat, to support this work programme (see also tentative agenda below).


UfM Gas Platform workshop on Mediterranean gas perspectives.

The UfM Gas Platform conference in Paris reaffirms the key role of natural gas in the future of energy in the Mediterranean.


Co-funded by the European Union

2022 agenda of the UfM Gas Platform work programme

Date and venue (tentative) Activities / Meetings / Outcomes
2 February – Barcelona UfM Energy Platforms Annual Meeting
March Working Group meeting on technical improvements and environmental mitigation options
March Quarterly Newsletter
June Draft report on an overview of upstream and downstream mitigation options
June Draft report on the status of safety and environmental standard/ regulations of the gas/LNG sector across the Euro-Med. region
June Draft report on the new energy security risks and mitigation options
June Quarterly Newsletter
July Conference on technological improvements and environmental mitigation options
September Conference on Mediterranean Energy Scenario
September Quarterly Newsletter
October Conference on South Mediterranean gas
November Capacity building session
November Draft report on the role and importance of South Med. gas in European supply security
December Draft report on Mediterranean Energy Scenarios
December Annual UfM Gas Platform Conference
December Quarterly Newsletter


Programme of Work 2017-2019