Webinar on the new energy security risks

On 26 October 2022, the OME, as Secretariat of the UfM Gas Platform, organised a webinar with the aim of exchanging on the new energy security risks (cyber security, extreme situations, network, etc.) that could impact the Mediterranean region. More than 50 registered delegates to the video conference from institutions and the industry from both shores of the Mediterranean Sea participated to the success of the event. The webinar was organised within the framework of the UfM Gas Platform activities.

Energy security is no longer limited to geopolitics, diversification of supply, robust networks or management of strategic stocks. Today, the transition to digital, decarbonized and decentralized energy poses new challenges to energy security. Three experts shared their experience and knowledge on the subject: M. Vincent Scherrer, Business Developer IT department at GRTGaz (France); M. Simone Biondi, Project Manager at Med-TSO (Italy); and M. Vincent de Crayencour, Chief Business Development & Strategy Officer at CyberPeace Institute (Switzerland). The speakers looked into these new energy risks and highlighted the difficulty of combining legacy systems, traditional business model with new technologies / approaches. They also provided concrete examples (cultural changes like home working entail strengthening of network access) as well as points of reflection and options for preparing and protecting the Mediterranean region / actors against them.